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Step 1 : Connect Your Store
Step 2 : Select the products
Step 3 : Launch the Bulk & Wait a few hours
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Bulk Product Descriptions

SEO Optimization: Improve your natural referencing with unique content from your titles

Meta Description: Optimize your ranking automatically

Internal linking: Your collection links added automatically for improve your SEO On-Site

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Blog Posts creation with AI in Bulk

Automation: Get dozens of blog posts in few minutes

SEO Optimization: Improve your natural referencing with an unique content

Save time : Write your blog posts for 1 year in just a few hours

Generate hundred of blog posts in seconds
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A powerful tool that saves you dozens of hours of work every week. Increase your workforce tenfold with EcomX.



Products Descriptions

Our priority is to add the main functionalities of product descriptions. Bulk edit and unique personalization. Those presented above will be the first features added.


Blog Posts

Following the release of the application, the next step will be to add the same functionality for blog posts. You'll be able to mass-edit articles in just a few clicks, as well as customize them one by one.


Descriptions Collections

The third step will be to add the possibility of writing your collection descriptions in mass or one by one. Ideal for your SEO.


Explore the World !

All features will be available in English and much more. Our goal is to expand the possibilities of Ecom X and yours!

An experienced team.

Our goal is to launch an application that will help every e-merchant with their daily tasks. Stop spending hours on your product sheets and start automating your work.

A renowned trainer in e-commerce SEO, Peii is the application director and manages its entire implementation.

Peii Henry

CEO - Trainer & Ecom

Having first worked in e-commerce via the Seo Army training program, he is now in charge of the Ecom X growth team.


CMO — SaaS Builder

Full-stack developer specializing in web, scrapping and AI. After several SaaS projects, is now in charge of Ecom X tech.


CTO — SaaS Builder

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